Future Of Artificial Intelligence

You must have heard about Artificial Intelligence. But, do you know what exactly it is and how does it affect our lives? And what will be its future? Let’s get to know about it. Artificial Intelligence, the new sensation in technology, has taken the world over a new storm.

John McCarthy defines Artificial intelligence as the science and engineering of making smart machines that act like humans. The revolution of artificial intelligence is mind-blowing in every aspect of our life.

Examples Of Artificial Intelligence

AI is ubiquitous today. It has an impact on various categories like transportation, healthcare, etc. Whether it is facial recognition on your phone or E payments, you use AI. We use google maps on our phones while traveling, voice-to-text features, spam filters on email, and fraud protection are all powered by Artificial Intelligence. In the healthcare sector, tests are conducted with AI.

Self-driven cars are a super hit nowadays, and the reason behind them is Artificial Intelligence.

Banks are using AI to indicate suspicious activities and fraud detection. Robots have a huge impact on our daily life. A survey conducted in April 2020 shows that more than 12% of Japanese people use robots in their daily lives.

From floor cleaners to lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners in our houses, Telepresence, nut bolt fastening, brand labeling, and wrapping in industries, cyber operations, and this list goes on. We can not count the uses of AI at our fingertips.

What Is The Future Of Artificial Intelligence? Is It a Good Career To Pursue?

Now, let’s have a look at AI’s future in career development. Artificial Intelligence is the revolution in technology that will transform the global economy. According to a survey, 54 % of business and HR leaders expect that AI will have an immense impact on jobs in their organization. We can say that the golden era of technology is near. But, getting AI’s education is not as simple as learning computers. It requires persistence, personal initiative, gut, skills, and knowledge.

AI is acting as the main driver of emerging technologies like robotics, big data, and IoT and it will continue. There are immense opportunities for trained professionals. It’s time to build a path to a successful career in AI.

According to Statista research, by 2022, 2.3 million new AI jobs are said to be created. Moreover, another stat indicates that by 2037.97 million jobs will be created by artificial intelligence and related technologies by the year 2037. Yes! This is the bright future of artificial intelligence.


Well, pals, the above all discussed things are just the beginning. There is much more to come. AI is a lucrative yet very competitive field. Artificial intelligence has a tremendous and money making career. It’s a great time to learn AI and find ways to conquer the world.

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